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The company was founded by two medical doctors, Dr Anwar Fazal Abu Bakar and Dr Muhammad Aizzat in 2014 with a vision of publishing inspiring books on the medical field and real life. Starting with three authors in the Diagnosis novel series, the group has grown to six producing best-selling books such as Diagnosis 2, Tribulasi 365 Hari, Diagnosis Apokalips, Diagnosis Fobia and Comics DX. They have won MPH bestselling books from 2014 to 2017.

In 2018, the company goes a step further after collaborating with renowned Indonesian novelist Asma Nadia. The best stories from the Diagnosis novel series have been translated and published by the local, Penerbit Republika. It was a pioneer in the genre of writing by professionals in the field of medicine, having been reprinted several times.

In addition to works in Bahasa Malaysia, Whitecoat has also published an English-language novel Breathe written by cardiologist Dr Beni Rusani. The readers’ response to this manuscript was so great that it was listed at the International Dublin Literary Award 2020.

Embracing the era of digitalisation, Whitecoat Group Sdn Bhd has transformed its business model with emphasize on e-commerce as the new platform. To date, more than 50 books have been published and with extensive network of writers in different fields, the company aims to become the leader in producing motivational contents as vision by its tagline, “Your Stories, Our Inspiration.”

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